Sleaford Quality Foods will soon be offering Panko!

For those of you who don't know about Panko, it's a versatile breadcrumb originating from Japan. Panko’s origin dates to World War II when, out of a necessity to cook bread without an oven (and wanting to avoid smoke caused by cooking with fire), soldiers discovered they could cook bread using electrical current from their tanks batteries. Due to the benefit of this cooking method, which produces a lighter bread with an even distribution of air bubbles and results in a large, flaky breadcrumb (no crusts as well…perfect for breadcrumbs), the distinctive Panko breadcrumb was established and has for long been a favoured ingredient in Asian cuisine.

Panko differs from normal breadcrumbs in that, because of the breads light but large flakes, the crumbs soak up less oil during and after the cooking process and hence produce a crispy, crunchy texture and golden colour. Most standard breadcrumbs are much finer and leave a heavy, oily and sometimes soggy breadcrumb following the cooking process.
Panko is an incredibly versatile ingredient and can not only be used to coat meat or fish; it can also be used to top casseroles, salads, pasta dishes or roasted vegetables or used to thicken up a burger or sausage mix. The opportunities are endless!...

Our first delivery is currently in production and will arrive in later this year in September. Panko will be available in 10x1kg Chef William bags or 10kg bulk. If you would like to discuss further please contact your account manager or ring our friendly sales team on 01529 305000.

To keep you busy in the meantime...everything you can do with panko breadcrumbs!