Our manufacturing unit houses state of the art of packing facilities whereby we pack thousands of products day in day out into various different formats.


  • Single head
  • Ability to pack powders through the Auger attachment as well as rices, pulses and granulates using the weigh pan facility
  • All products supplied to the sandiacre line by way of the “Matcon IBC bulk delivery system”
  • Produces film bags in pillow pack format
  • Approx 10 bags per min produced
  • Able to produce 19,000 bags per week at 85% efficiency
  • In line metal detection
  • In line weight control
  • In line print and apply labelling
  • Semi automatic case erecting

Semi automatic packing – Easy Fill Augers

Volumetric Filling

In volumetric filling mode, the auger will rotate a consistent amount each time a discharge takes place and providing that the product being dispensed has a stable bulk density, i.e. a measured volume of product always weighs the same, then accuracy will also remain consistent from discharge to discharge.

Gravimetric Filling

Weigh filling machines operate by dynamically weighing the product as it enters the bag / container during actual discharge. These machines are suitable for discharge weights ranging from a few grams up to as much as 50Kg and are used for the following reasons;

  1. Product has inconsistent density and therefore is not suitable for volumetric filling.
  2. Requirement for filling machine to provide printed reports / statistics on fill performance.
  3. Expensive product where product giveaway must be minimized.