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Dried Vegetables Suppliers

We are the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality dried and dehydrated vegetables from across the globe and offer an extensive range of dried vegetables including chopped, diced, powder, chopped, diced, minced & flakes. Dried and dehydrated vegetables have multiple benefits and continue to grow in popularity. .

Why use Sleaford Quality Foods as your Dried Vegetables supplier?

Importing and supplying dried and dehydrated vegetables for the food industry has been at the heart of our business for more than fifty years. Our Technical and QA teams check all incoming goods and they are positively released to ensure conformity with agreed specifications<
Our wide range of dried and dehydrated vegetables includes green peppers, red peppers, broccoli, leek, onion, carrots, tomatoes and numerous other vegetables. Dried and dehydrated vegetables are available across a wide range of options and pack sizes and in forms including chopped, diced, powder, flake, granules and minced. Click here to proceed to the enquiry form. We will get back to any questions as soon as possible. 

Savoury Mixes

Our blending facilities are second to none, and can help diversify your soup, sauce, salt and savoury ranges in bespoke packaging to suit you and your consumers - for added value quality options, we’re the people to talk to. We are experienced as Savoury Food Suppliers working with a range of companies in the food industry.
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Sweet Mixes

Dessert will never be a last thought again - our range of sweet bakery blends, jelly crystals and sweet sauces will have everyone asking for seconds! We are the ideal for Supplier for Catering Cake Mix & Bakery Ingredients.
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Herbs and Spices

Sourcing many of our spices from the only spice company in the world with end to end connectivity, and trading the best herbs that can be found in the market are just part of what we do everyday. With our technical support, you can be assured you have the best taste, colour and provenance diners crave. We are experienced as a Herbs, Spices & Seasonings Supplier working with a range of companies in the food industry. View our range below.
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Rice, Breadcrumbs & Bakery Ingredients

Our range of carbs, coatings and ingredients will be the perfect addition to your dish - panko breadcrumbs, baking powder and beyond, quality is assured to shine in every recipe. We have unrivalled experience supplying rice, breadcrumbs and bakery ingredients guaranteed to exceed your expectation and technical requirements.
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Legumes/Pulses and Seeds

Our range of canned and dried legumes and seeds are the perfect addition for vegetarian and adventurous recipes - liven up your dishes with our healthy, tasty and trendy options! We are leading the industry with plant-based ingredients, we are the leading import and export supplier in the UK. Delivering quality service, products and relationships. View our range below.
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Vegetables and Fruits

Dried vegetables and fruits are at the heart of our business - and with a growing need for convenience and uncompromising flavour within the industry, our range will meet any culinary need. We are the leading import & export supplier of Dried fruit & vegetables within the UK. Delivering quality service, products and relationships. View of range below including apple dice.
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