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Ingredient Food Solutions

Supplying ingredients and solutions to the food industry has been at the heart of our business for over fifty years – from pasta and pulses to parsley, paprika, and beyond! Backed by our experienced technical and QA teams, we sell with complete confidence of our quality of product and service – we can even trace the vast majority of our products back to the field it was grown in! Whatever your requirements, whether dried or dehydrated ingredients we are the people to ask.

Herbs & Spices

Our spices come directly from the first fully integrated spice factory in the world, and can even be traced back to the field they were grown in; whilst our quality herbs come from our accredited, trusted suppliers. Our range is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and technical requirements.  Our dried and dehydrated herbs & dried spices range is guaranteed to exceed your expectation and technical requirements.  View our range of herbs & spices below. 
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Vegetables & Fruits

Dried vegetables and fruits have been at the core of our business offerings from the start – we have an abundant and growing range of products that can suit any consumer’s need for convenient and nutritional meals which are ready when they are. Dried fruit & dehydrated vegetable are the core of our business and we are the leading supplier of dried vegetables within the UK. View our range below including Potato Flake
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Savoury Mixes

Blending is one of our many strengths at Sleaford – from salt blends, bakery mixes, stuffing, dried sauce mix and everything in between, we offer added value, bespoke options based around you and your requirements. Blending savoury mixes is one of our many strengths and we can create blends to your exact requirements. View our range of savoury ingredient mixes below. 
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Sweet Mixes

Satisfying every sweet tooth for decades – we offer a range including bakery blends, jelly crystals, sweet sauces, and anything else, so who’s for dessert? We have over 50 years of experience distributing sweet and bakery mixes. View our range below. 
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Rice, Breadcrumbs & Bakery

The quality base for any dish – from dried pasta, to multiple variations of rice, panko and golden breadcrumbs, cornflour and beyond, our range is perfect for any recipe. Our range of Pasts, rice and bakery ingredients are the quality base for any dish. We have over 50 years of experience working as a Pasta, Rice & Bakery Food Ingredients Supplier
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Legumes, Pulses & Seeds

Plant-based diets are the new normal in the industry, and we can offer a wide variety of quality legumes and seeds that will enhance any modern meal - vegetarian, flexitarian, and beyond! We are leading the industry with plant-based ingredients, with the ever-growing industry we are the name you can trust.  We have over 50 years of experience acting as a Legumes & Pulses Supplier.
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