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15th May 2019

Alternative Diets continue to drive Innovation

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Vegan, flexitarian, and beyond! Recent launches have been thinking outside of the box to deliver difference to today’s ever curious consumer. Here’s a few that have caught our eye:

Shrooms Snacks: South Mill Champs has launched a mushroom snack called Shrooms Snacks made from thick-cut mushrooms. The range’s flavours include spicy jalapeno, barbecue and pizza. Shrooms Snacks also offer a mushroom jerky made from shiitake and portobello mushroom caps.

Vegetable ‘Rice’: The Rightrice rice range, made from vegetables and legumes, contains 10g of compete proteins and 5g of fibre per serving. As a result, the range has more than double the protein and almost 40% fewer carbs than traditional white rice!

Keto pancakes: Birch Benders have launched a keto friendly pancake and waffle mix, with every two pancakes containing 9g of protein. Being ketogenic includes a high-fat, regular-protein, low-carbohydrate diet designed to burn your body fats instead of carbohydrates.

Vegan Caviar @ IKEA: IKEA is currently offering a new vegan caviar! Made from kelp seaweed harvested from the seabed with a “fresh taste of the sea and saltiness”, it’s definitely something to pick up with your furniture!

Vegan Cake Slices: Bell’s of Lazonby is due to launch a new range of vegan cake slices called Bells and Whistles. The Berry & Cashew, Nut Truffle, and Ginger & Apricot cake slices do not contain milk, gluten or wheat. Bells have stated that the range aims to defy misconceptions around vegan food and to celebrate quality ingredients. The range will be available in Sainsbury’s across the UK from June.

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