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27th January 2020

British Yorkshire Pudding Day – A Great British Tradition

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British Yorkshire Pudding Day is being celebrated this year on 2nd February – another excuse to indulge in a Great British culinary tradition!

The humble but essential side to any Sunday roast was first recorded in a recipe book called The Whole Duty of a Woman in 1737, and was called “A Dripping Pudding.” The dripping came from spit-roast meat, with the recipe asking for pancake batter to be put in a butter pan over the fire before putting “the pan and batter under a shoulder of mutton instead of a dripping pan, frequently shaking it by the handle and it will be light and savory”.

Mrs. Beeton, one of Britain’s most famous food writers, famously caused a stir with her 1866 recipe – omitting the need for a high oven temperature, and to bake the puddings for an hour before placing it under the meat. Ever since, Yorkshire purists have blamed Beeton’s error on her southern origins – these Yorkshire Pudding fans can be savage!

 The Yorkshire Pudding continued to thrive as the twentieth century started – though as the 1960’s and 1970’s progressed, more and more women started working outside of the home, and home cooking experienced a decline. The launch of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings, the first commercially produced Yorkshire puddings in the UK, in 1995 continues to be a staple of British freezers ever since – any day is good for a Yorkshire Pudding at a fraction of the preparation and cooking time.

In 2007, Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh even campaigned for the Yorkshire pudding to be given the same protected status as French champagne! “The people of Yorkshire are rightly and fiercely proud of the Yorkshire pudding,” she said. “It is something which has been cherished and perfected for centuries in Yorkshire.” Sadly ‘Yorkshire pudding’ was deemed too generic a term at the time.

Whilst the rise of gluten free and veganism might seem as a problem for traditional Yorkshire Pudding lovers, don’t despair yet! With the launch of the Our Earth range, we can offer a gluten free and vegan friendly Yorkshire Pudding – perfect for Sunday roasts or for making a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, perfect for any meal and any day of the week!

Take a look at the Our Earth range at www.our-earth.com – our allergen free, vegan friendly range is perfect for the food industry of the future!

Give us a call to discuss your baking and Sunday roast requirements today! You can contact us:

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