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11th March 2020

Waffling On and On – International Waffle Day 2020

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International Waffle Day returns on March 25th – from Scandinavia, to Belgium, to the USA, everyone wants to have a bite!

This particular food holiday is one that is celebrated in Sweden, Norway and Denmark on the day of the Feast of Annunciation. The reason for eating waffles on this particular day seems to be rooted in a linguistic quirk, as the Swedish word for “Our Lady’s Day” (Vårfrudagen) sounds very similar to “waffle day” (Våffeldagen) if spoken quickly! Any excuse to indulge in waffles at this time of year!

One of the most famous places associated with waffles, however, is the country of Belgium – where the mix of both Walloon (French speaking) and Flemish traditions have helped make the Belgian waffle the worldwide standard!

Brussels waffles (originating from Flemish Brussels) are one of the more famous types of waffles, which are prepared with an egg-white-leavened or yeast-leavened batter (which normally contains an ale yeast) – and are the famous rectangular waffles that boast a light and crisp texture when cooked fresh. The other famous waffle of Belgium is the Liège waffle (originating from Walloon Liège), which is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle than it’s Brussels counterpart. This is because the Liège waffle recipe is an adaptation of brioche bread dough and includes crunchy pearl sugar – Vive la gaufre!

Whilst most Belgian waffles sold by street vendors are dusted with confectioner’s sugar, waffles are increasingly being served with whipped cream, soft fruit or chocolate spread – consumers’ desire for bigger and better sweet options does not abate with dessert toppings!

And the world’s sweet tooth for waffles doesn’t stop in Belgium – pandan waffles are also coming to the attention of consumers travelling the world both literally and figuratively in their kitchens. Originating from Vietnam, these waffles use both pandan falvouring and coconut milk in the batter, with the pandan flavouring resulting in the batter going a distinct light green! When the batter is cooked, the waffle can brown on the outside but retain a green colour inside – and unlike most waffles worldwide, these waffles are normally eaten plain with the pandan flavouring offering a grassy flavour with hints of rose, almond, and vanilla. When your dessert is a beautiful shade of green, toppings might be gilding the lily slightly anyway!

Did you know though that there are not one but two waffle days? The second Waffle Day is celebrated in the USA on 24th August each year, which celebrates the anniversary of the patenting of the first US waffle iron, which was invented by Cornelius Swarthout. According to U.S. Census data and the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), 162.06 million Americans consumed frozen waffles, pancakes, or French toast in 2019 alone – that’s a lot of breakfasts in bed!

Hope you have a thoroughly tasty Waffle Day!

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