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Exceeding expectations every day

At Sleaford, we stand for quality of service, quality of product, and quality of relationships.

Our products are second to none – there’s a reason we have ‘quality’ in our name! We stand for technical excellence on every line, so that our products can be bought with confidence and the assurance they are the best in the market. We source our lines from accredited, trusted suppliers whom we’ve built trusted relationships over the years and whom we consistently challenge to bring the best to every one of our customers. Our service levels are award-winning, with a friendly sales team eager to talk further about your requirements, and every department invested in delivering a fantastic service every time you order with us.

Food Security, Transparency and Sustainability

We work closely with all our suppliers to bring you not only the best ingredients in the marketplace, but also to bring you technical peace of mind. Every delivery into our site in Lincolnshire is checked and tested by our QA department; every supplier and specification is checked and investigated by our technical department, including carrying out our own audits on suppliers; and our procurement team works to bring in every product at the best price from only the best supply chains.All this helps to bring our customers complete peace of mind, for both supply and technical requirements. Our spice range can even be traced back to the field it was grown in, as well as the seeds – can your supplier do that?

Leading the industry towards a sustainable future

A sustainable future for the food industry is one where quality of food, caring for our planet, and caring for every person along the supply chain – and this is a future we believe in.

At Sleaford, we work towards achievement, and don’t get lost in aspirations. The future of the industry lies ahead, and we are ready to lead the industry towards this goal. We are working towards a fully recyclable packaging system; a system where less water is wasted in the growing of our products; a world where farmers growing our food are paid a fair wage for their crops and receive training on how to farm sustainably; a deeper understanding on how farming can expand to unfamiliar terrains; and so much more.

We’ve already started to move towards the future and we’re not looking back.

Integrity at the heart of everything we do

At Sleaford, whilst we are striving to grow with our strategic partners, we still have the same family ethos from 1968 – and you’re part of our family. From our lorry drivers, to our Key Account Managers, to our telesales team, to our hygiene team, we are proud of our honest, transparent way of working. Our aspirations for future growth and corporate responsibility goes hand in hand with our ethical standing – there’s no point in achieving strategy if it’s built on bad practise and intentions after all! Our ethical way of doing things extends to every relationship we have – our employees, our suppliers, and our customers.

Innovation is in our DNA

The future of food never seems to stand still – and neither are our ambitions.

We have always worked to bring our customers to latest ingredients and blends, and have an impressive reputation for matching many a customer brief or existing line. We keep our eye on the developing trends within the market in order to better understand how we can help your future strategy grow; and our NPD team is second to none when it comes to matching your recipes and creating brand new initiatives based on years of exceptional experience within the industry. We are able to offer tailored innovation opportunities for our strategic partners, and are currently working to deliver exciting, consumer-relevant innovation which keeps you ahead of the trends and ahead of the reactionary crowd. Our Innovation team are always available to answer any queries regarding future proofing your brands, or just to shoot the breeze about what’s new in the industry – we love a challenge!

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What We Stand For

We’re totally green

We’re always thinking of the planet

From bringing in more ecologically responsible packaging, to offering ingredients that use less water, to working with programmes that help develop and support farmers - we are only getting started when it comes to looking after our planet as part of our strategy. Aspirations can only go so far, and we are making positive change within the industry, with bigger goals on the horizon.

Ahead of the game

Ready for the future

We never like to be part of the reactionary crowd - and the industry is constantly evolving and changing with consumer’s needs and modern society. We work to be ahead of the curve, knowing the trends before they hit the supermarket shelves, and developing tomorrow’s menus and meals whilst others are scrambling to keep up. Our innovation expertise can help keep your brands up to date, whilst offering new options to consumers that help shape the market. Taking control of today’s trends will reap future rewards - and Sleaford’s expertise can make this aspiration a reality.

Top Quality

Quality by name and nature

Quality has been our watchword from the start, and over the decades we’ve only built on our reputation for quality ingredients and service. Our technical and QA departments work every day to bring you complete transparency across our range and complete confidence in your recipes. Our sales team work alongside you to exceed your expectations from a supplier, and our transport and warehouse teams help deliver your orders to any corner of the world, on time and in full.

Jain Group of India

JISL, the umbrella company for Jain Farm Fresh Foods, started in 1963 and is a global leader in precision agricultural irrigation – boasting the number one spot in India and the USA for micro-irrigation.

Their work has helped change the lives of 8.2 million farmers and their families, as Jain’s irrigation technology has allowed for precise, economical and controlled use of water on their crops and fields. The food division is just as global – they are the number one producer of mango and tissue culture producer of bananas and pomegranate in the world; and they are the second largest global producer of dehydrated vegetables and onions.

Today, Jain has a presence in over 120 countries worldwide, with 33 manufacturing plants, 11,500 employees, and an annual revenue of over $1.2bn – and we are proud to be part of the Jain family.

Global Family

Sourcing the best quality products from all over the world, it’s easy to see why Sleaford is the only place to go for all your ingredient needs.

With technical peace of mind, excellent procurement experience guaranteeing the best price for the best product, and unrivalled supplier relationships, the world really is your oyster at Sleaford.

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